Get Started

  It’s easy to get started on your projects.  I will require at least a 48 hour turnaround on all projects I take in. This will allow ample time to complete or redo as necessary, any work I do for you. “If you are not happy, I’m not happy.” That is my motto…  Some projects may require additional time to complete, depending on length of the project contents.

I will require your copy to be double spaced, #14 Font,  all caps is best.  Also, pronunciation of individual and/or business names or towns must be spelled out. Remember conversational scripts should be written with short sentences and phrases to sound conversational with the direction included – meaning proper punctuation and emphasis added where needed.


Larger Voiceover files from longer scripts can be burned and shipped on CD!

Note:  Sometimes freedom is needed to adjust audio tracks by you or your editor. I will return your recorded script using a minimum of audio processing. Feel free to do your adjustments as you wish.

To discuss your needs, and/Fees, please send me an email along with a phone number to reach you. I will call you as soon as I can. You may also include, as an attachment, copy you want voiced so I will have an idea as to your needs. All inquiries will be handled in the order I recieve them. My email address is  or call me at: 1-605-520-7928.

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