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Could You Be ANY Louder? A, B, SEES of VO Blog by Theresa Dodge, Voice Actor

Could you be ANY louder?

Could you be any LOUDER? If I had a buck for every time my family said that I’d be rich. Hey, I’m not loud – my voice projects and I can’t help it if my family members are soft spoken. Let me ask you this…how is it possible I can be sitting next to my husband watching television and ask a question and he can’t hear me? Let’s not go there…it’s an ‘age old’ problem. Selective hearing. Or, it could be an ‘old age’ problem. Nah, we’re not old – he just knows when to ignore my chatter.

How loud are you? How’s that waveform looking when you record and if you’re in spectral view does it look like a blazing fire that may ignite your home studio?

Below is the link where the VO Tech Guru’s Recording Voiceovers – Input Levels tutorial will let you how to set your levels properly. It’s fantastic!

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